〈I will introduce myself first.〉
I have a home treatment clinic located 8 minutes by car from Ishiyamadera Temple in Otsu City.

I studied abroad in Canada when I was a student, and after that I lived in Tokyo,
but I returned to my hometown and now work at a hospital.

I am tall and tough face, but people say I’m Elegant (lol)
Although I prefer to speak bluntly rather than vaguely, sometimes people tell me that it’s easy to ask questions and that they listen to what I have to say.

I like thinking about the structure of the body and analyzing sports movements,
and my favorite time is giving treatments and training support.

I am always moved by seeing patients who are suffering from pain or unable to move their bodies change as their body’s healing power kicks in and their symptoms change.

Please consult us!


Health is not being sick, but living the way you want to live.

Humans are multidimensional creatures, so adjusting the physical aspect through treatment can have a positive impact on the emotional, mental, social, and environmental relationships.

Relying on the network that connects organs and cells such as bones, muscles, internal organs, nerves, and blood vessels, we look at the body holistically rather than in parts.

Deep Tissue and Network Deeply observe the connections between tissues.

When we look at the present, we see the past and open up the future.


“Oxygen and nutrients”
It is necessary for cells in the human body to function.

Through “circulation” that delivers it to cells
Connective tissue passes between cells in the body, transporting blood and distributing it through metabolism.

Related organs, joints, bones, muscles, nerves, brain, and other organs and cells work actively to keep people healthy and lively.

Connective tissue allows us to see the “background” and “cause” of what is happening in our bodies as “symptoms.”

Parts of the body that are overworked,
Just the right part,
The part that doesn’t work enough,
We look at the “now” as the result of a combination of various elements.

Connective tissue is the tissue that connects and holds tissues together in the body.
Through this connection, we can look at the entire body and perform the necessary treatments on the necessary areas.

Access from Kyoto.
Pick-up available from Keihan Ishiyamadera Station

From JR Kyoto Station take the Biwako Line to Ishiyama Station for 15 minutes (¥240)
Transfer to Keihan and take 5 minutes to Ishiyamadera Station (¥170)

If you would like to receive transportation, please let us know at the time of reservation.
Adress:2-chome Nango, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture

First time 80 minutes  ¥12000
From the second time onwards 
60minutes ¥9000
40minutes ¥7000

〈Opening Hours〉
Sunday 10:00-19:00
Only at night on weekdays 19:30ー21:30


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